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Do you have an insatiable hunger for she…
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Do you have an insatiable hunger for sheep? Well I have good news for you! You might actually be a dragon! Don’t worry too much if you don’t feel like one now, you might just need a bit of practice. And this game is the best place to start! Pick a dragon and start flying today!

Weave around the enemy dragon Ripu and try not to hit the tangled tree trunks - but don’t forget to devour as many sheep as you can on the way! As long as you don’t hit the oncoming obstacles you won’t lose life and you can continue as long as you can to eat all the sheep your tummy desires.

When you get more and more practice you’ll start to feel like you can fly faster and faster! And keep a keen eye out for those super sheep on the way! The better you get at flying, the more sheep you can consume and the better chance you have to be at the top of the Greedy Dragon leaderboards!

If you feel like your dragon Aeron isn’t cool enough, why not change his colour? Or, if you fancy yourself a different kind of dragon, save up your fire tokens and unlock them all – why limit yourself? Collect them all and spot the differences - maybe podgy little Dimi is a bit heavier? Or does Pakshin take off a little faster?

In no time you will feel like the sheep loving dragon you are, with hours of flying and dodging experience, and countless sheep in your bottomless belly!

> Simple and easy to learn game play that is thoroughly enjoyable for all ages.

> Select your dragon and start him on a mission to fill his hungry belly full of sheep; simply touch the screen to start your dragon on his journey.

> Fly through endless aesthetic scenery gaining more and more speed the farther you fly!

> Avoid the oncoming enemy dragons and trees so you don’t hurt yourself trying to devour those tasty sheep!

> Unlock awesome dragons to fly, and see if you can discover their unique talents!

> Challenge your friends and family to beat your high scores!

> See how you compare to players around the world on the global leaderboards!

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Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Aug 11, 2014
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