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  1. First off, I'd like to thank those of you that have taken the time to review the app on iTunes. Given all the trolls giving 1 star reviews for anything that doesn't turn their iPod into gold upon installation, getting some fair and honest reviews early-on helps.

    I've started this thread to outline some of the features we're working on for future releases and to ask for your feedback on what aspects of the program you like or dislike and features you want to see added. Just be honest and don't hold back. If you think the app sucks, say that. If you love it, tell us why.

    Here are some of the features/updates we're working on for upcoming releases:

    1) Interface updates: a) the ability to set the interface to always be active and register single-tap commands without double-tapping to activate. b) Main load screen with PLAY, OPTIONS, and INSTRUCTIONS buttons father than simply loading straight into the program.

    2) Interactive Features: Don't want to let the cat out of the bag here by giving too many details but we're certainly working to add more varied and fun interactions with the sharks. Your feedback here is important and appreciated.

    3) Performance: Doing realistic 3D animation on the iPhone/iPod is challenging to say the least. We're currently working to lower the polygon count of the sharks which will make it possible to add more animations and some additional creatures.

    Look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions.

    Great White -- now available on iTunes


  2. dashzed

    dashzed Well-Known Member

    Mar 2, 2009
    you know what you should do... is add a 3d environment, and then be able to swim about as a shark.

    sort of a first person shark camera, which would either follow a random path or be controlled by the player.

    another option which might be easier, is to build upon the shark cage theme, and be able to look about in 3d by dragging the screen, and there would be a 3d cage around you.

    I already got a promo code a while ago and reviewed it, hope it helped.
  3. dannys95

    dannys95 Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2008
    OK here we go. Typing a long list so sorry if someone posted before me.

    • Shark Cage. Make it so we have a first person view from inside the shark cage and the sharks are coming towards the cage and biting the cage itself. I think it's possible on iPhone.

    • A "SeaWorld" view. Well, make it a theme park background. In honor of Jaws.

    • A first person view to be able to swim as a human and (you choose which one) as a shark would be.....[​IMG]

    • I think the sharks should be a bit more interactive (though I see you're taking care of that.

    • It would be kinda funny if the sharks could break exhibit glass like Jaws....oh that would bring back memories.

    Anyways just some suggestions. The app is pretty good right now.

  4. lvillalt99

    lvillalt99 Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2009
    This was great update. I had the previous version and found it too hard to use. This one is easy once one is used to it.

    My recommendations would be:

    * Try and keep the graphics looking as great as they are now. I have a 1st gen touch and do not feel a lag at all. The graphics now have the Wow factor, literally. This is now the app I use to show to people what the capabilities of the device are.

    * The interface is where I would go from 4 to 5 stars on this. It is a lot better than it was, but if it can be made more intuitive it would be perfect. I appreciate the difficulty in getting the interface easier to use, but avoid reacting to spurious touches...

    The good and great:

    The different backgrounds and lighting are incredible looking...

    The reaction to the shock is well done, some of the previous effects did not appear to work as well.
  5. Great, thanks for the feedback everyone.

    This is definitely something we're looking at implementing once we finish adding more shark interaction.

    We thought about this but haven't considered it seriously so far. It's definitely a good idea and would be very cool. We may re-visit this down the road.

    This one is planned

    Thanks for the positive feedback...more improvements on the way for the interface.


    Thanks again everyone
  6. arc417

    arc417 Well-Known Member

    May 2, 2009
    ast. coach and student
    some mo suggestions

    yeah, good work!

    Like the best of the entertainment apps out there, interactiveness (is that a word?) is a must for people to like it. And even alot of people still don't like the most interactive of entertainment apps (think pocket god) because they expect it to be a billion dollar production video game.

    So, that said, interactiveness...

    -Lower a shark divers cage into water
    -Feed sharks FISH
    -Leave finger and maybe they come to nibble?
  7. DaveMc99

    DaveMc99 Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2009
    Seattle, WA USA
    #33 in Entertainment.. moving on up. :)

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