Great iOS App - Newspaper App

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    Aug 5, 2016
    Great iOS App - Newspaper App

    Nowadays, AppStore has many many read newspaper applications. However, they is limited about contents and some apps is difficult to use.
    I have installed and used some read newspaper application but I really want to show you one of them which one have less people known. That is "Newspaper" app.

    Why we should use the Newspaper app?
    Cause the below reasons:
    + Search and mark quickly any newspaper types, no limit contect include politics and 18+,...
    + No complicate to use
    + FREE completely.
    + Save time, manage your interesting newspapers in the easy way.

    How to download?
    1. Search on AppStore with keyword: Newspapers (Tai Le)
    2. Click on link: Download

    Let's it by yourself, hope my sharing information is helpful with you.
    Thank for your read.

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