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    we are working on app for our website to improve the experience for our visitors that come to the site from their iDevices. The website is not optimised for the small screen so we decided to make an app! :)

    What we have now is Calendar and News area.

    Calendar area is used to show the calendar of the featured games with easy to use interface (similar to iPhone home screen). On this screen you can see which games and apps are still free and also filter the display to show only free ones or random ones. After clicking on the game icon you are presented with info about the game, ratings, size, screenshots, etc. and a link to download (you can see it on the last screenshot).

    The news area will display list of the news from the site - nothing special there :)

    You can read a bit more on the website

    We would like to know what you think and what would you expect from such an app.

    Thanks for your time and looking forward to your feedback and ideas!


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