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The puzzle-shooter genre is back! In this fast paced puzzle-shooter mash-up, you are the captain of the defense force o…
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The puzzle-shooter genre is back! In this fast paced puzzle-shooter mash-up, you are the captain of the defense force of Gravitas, a peaceful galaxy far away from Earth. One day a wormhole appears in the center of Gravitas and begins raining debris and trash into the atmosphere of the galaxy’s various planets. To defend against the invasion, you must match three or more of the same types of trash and launch them back into the wormhole. Hit the wormhole with enough debris to save each planet. Complete all 20 levels to eventually uncover the source of the wormhole and shut it down. GAMEPLAY - Move the falling blocks vertically around the board to match three or more of the same type horizontally or vertically and launch them into space. - Beware of garbage blocks that cannot be matched. Clear enough blocks to save the planet before time runs out or before the trash and debris pile up and crushes you and the planet below. - Launch matches vertically to fire blocks off the top of the screen to score against the wormhole. Clear enough blocks before time runs out to save the planet. - Chain together matches to score combos and bonus points. - Utilize power-ups like the Clear Bomb or Destruction Slam to clear trash and debris. FEATURES - Classic Mode: Complete 20 levels, each with their own unique environment, gravitational physics, and theme. Clear the target number of blocks before time runs out. Unlock additional levels, modes, and achievements. - Quick Play Mode: Choose to play a single round of any cleared level but you can adjust the number of blocks, the difficulty level, and the time remaining. - Two Player Mode: Play head-to-head against a friend locally or online. As you clear blocks, debris is dropped on your opponent. - Marathon Mode: Clear as many blocks as you can before getting crushed. As you clear more blocks the game increases in difficulty. Compete with friends for the highest leaderboard score. - Grav Lab Mode: Once you have completed all of the levels in Classic Mode, you can access the Gravity Lab where you build and play a custom level with unique planetary physics of your choice. Modify gravity, spawn rate, restitution, and more. ** Gravitas is available on both iPhone and iPad devices. The iPad version provides even more precise gameplay with support for the Apple Pencil.
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Release:Jul 25, 2023
Updated:Oct 11, 2023
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