Graffitio - rejected from app store and then back again?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Adams Immersive, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Just curious what that was/is all about. The app is clearly still in the store, but yesterday (in-app) I saw a sticky post from the author about it having been rejected for "inappropriate content." That note is gone now, so maybe it was a misunderstanding--or maybe those announcements are always temporary.

    I assume it's the new version 7 that was rejected (official site said 7 was submitted 1/10, and the version on the store is still 6). But I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the story is. Rejected? It's a communication app, so the only content is what users post! If that counts as "inappropriate content" then Safari, AIM, Facebook and SMS better be rejected too :p

    Also... any other Graffitio users on here? It's a neat idea I think. And I tend to agree with the upcoming decision to split the Infinite wall off into a separate app with its own name. Infinite is not local, and LOCAL is what makes Graffitio unique. I try to remember to ask or answer questions on Graffitio when I go places, and make walls for popular spots.

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