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    The angular camera is the best geotagging app that enables you to add date timestamp, latitude and longitude to address, pitch angle, your comments or notes, azimuth and altitude to your camera photos and live camera videos.

    For you, we combined this angular camera app with a Timestamp camera, GPS camera & Notecam. So you can get all the stamps on your photos and videos.

    GPS Angular Camera App can be used for a variety of purposes such as preparing work reports for the construction sites, land survey, delivery related works, and any fieldwork duties. Professionals in navigation, astronomy, engineering, mapping, and mining can gain the most from this angular camera.

    For people who work on the field, it is crucial to measure the pitch angle, azimuth and altitude of the current location. With Angular cam, you can easily measure azimuth and pitch angle with your smartphone camera with the exact date time and location.

    Automatically watermark angular timestamp, pitch angle, and azimuth to your images

    Stunning Features of Angular Camera:-

    → Angle cam with GPS camera and Notecam App

    → Stamp date and time in both photos and videos

    → Amazing date and time format to choose from

    → Auto-add longitude and latitude of the current location on camera photos

    → One geotagging app with all custom stamps

    → Different camera settings for capturing photos of your choice

    → Use as a GPS tracker for your fieldwork

    → GPS camera with longitude and latitude, altitude and azimuth, pitch angle

    → Editable personalized stamp with On/Off toggle switch to add required stamp on your photos

    → Write important work notes or project notes or photo captions on images

    → This angle camera has a wide variety of text colors, different types of GPS coordinates, units, azimuth & pitch angle


    Use of Angular Camera is Very Simple

    Install the Angular cam App → On/Off toggle and choose the stamp → Select text color, size, and style → Set the required stamp setting → Capture photos.

    Then stamp!!! All the stamps will be automatically watermarked on your pictures.

    Why Should you Have GPS Angular Camera App?

    – To get longitude and latitude of current location stamp on both photos and videos

    – One photo app with 3 cameras: Angle Camera, GPS Camera, and Notecam Camera

    – Different camera settings to get a perfect click with all GPS information

    – To watermark photos with date and time stamp, GPS coordinates, altitude and azimuth, and write relatable notes or comments on camera photos

    – Automatically measure azimuth and pitch angle

    – On/Off toggle to include those stamp details you want and exclude others

    – With this amazing anglecam app, you can quickly create personalized stamps for your images


    We Designed this Wonderful Angular Camera App for Following Group of People

    ~ For civil engineers and surveyors; For them, this angular camera works as a survey cam. Use this camera app for site surveying or land surveying work

    ~ For those professionals who are working in the field. Submit your fieldwork by a photo. Simply add date timestamp, current location latitude and longitude, pitch angle, altitude azimuth

    ~ Explorers can take full advantage of this geotagging app

    ~ Law enforcement officers and private security personnel can use this angle camera in their patrolling work. Easily watermark latitude and longitude to address with current date and time

    ~ For incident reporting; Geotag photos with specific location latitude and longitude & current time and date

    ~ People can use this angular camera app to capture their memories and keep them secured

    ~ Solar technician can measure the azimuth angle of the solar panel to generate greater amount of electricity from the sun’s ray

    ~ Professionals from navigation, mining, or engineering area can use this angle cam app in their work

    The struggle is over!! Now with GPS Angular Camera App, easily add DateTime, GPS coordinates, pitch angle, azimuth and altitude, and comments on photos and videos.

    Download now GPS Angular Camera
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    Is it available for IOS as well?

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