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    Hey guys, I've had an itch for quite a long time now for games where I get to collect cards/monsters to use in battle. While Ive tried out many many different games already none of them could really scratch that itch and now I realized why. Theyre all online multiplayer games.

    My problem with these online multiplayer games like Million Arthur, Brave Frontier, Devil Maker Tokyo and many others is that due to the way theyre made, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to actually catch them all. This is because of all the limited time events that go on that along with ranking events so that unless I play the game from the very beginning and every single day and get the top 10 of all the ranking events, I miss out on those event cards/monsters. Doesnt help that on ranking events I gotta go up against players that spend absurb amounts of money to garuntee their place in the top.

    This has been the problem for me all this time. Basically what I want is a game thats more or less entirely single player, offline and that revolves around collecting cards/monsters to use in battle. This is so that I can play the game when and where ever I want without internet connection (besides for updates) without any pressure to do any limited time events to get that oh so special card/monster else I miss out on it entirely. A game where I can play one day, then come back a month later and not miss anything, no raids, no events NOTHING to make me feel as if I HAVE to play the game. I do not mind having IAPs in the game for things like gacha as long as I can get everything if I put in the time for it.

    The only game Ive ever played that met these requirements was Montowers by Buffstone, they made a sequal Montowers2 but they added in everything that I listed that i didnt want. The 1st allowed me to get every single monster when I put the time and effort into it and left me really satisfied because I could say I fully completed the game, that I can put it down and never play again (unless they update it) and just once in awhile come back to look at my fully completed collection and feel good thats theres no empty spaces.

    Edit: oh and if anyone knows games for other platforms that fit this criteria that would be fine too.
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