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    Google just launched Google Sync for iPhone. This allows you to use your Gmail account as an Exchange server to have Contacts and Calendars pushed down to you from the cloud. I didn't previously have all my contacts synced with Gmail, so I just downloaded Contact Sync for iPhone, and exported from there. Outlook wouldn't export all of them. It worked great, and I also brought in all of my Yahoo, AIM, and Hotmail contacts. I have a consolidated list, and it is really instant. I add a contact on one, and it instantly pops up on the other. Same for calendars. Great, and if you have ever wanted this, here is is. Link to Google for instructions. Enjoy.
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    Thanks Brewstermax, I was just about to post a note about this.
    It's very interesting, but those wanting to try should be aware of afew things:
    1) As usual for Google it has the "Beta" moniker, so don't get too upset if anything fails.
    2) if you already have MobileMe running, disable it and make a backup of your Mac Address Book/outlook first. Since it uses MS ActiveSync like an Exchange connection, the push contacts will wipe out existig data to replace it with those on Google.
    3) I don't know if Google will mine your data to target ads at you. Not sure how that could be done, but there's usually no such thing as a free lunch....
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    Yes, everything Google is beta. Shocker
    Yes, that is a good idea.
    And, this is Google. I trust them with everything, and don't think that it is remotely possible for them to do this. I mean, this is just sending the contacts you already have through a secure server, to the iPhone. Not hard, and they aren't going to use your data harmfully. It isn't Google.

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