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    Whilst Gomi is generally a slow paced relaxing affair, the world bosses can be quite stressful as it's not always obvious what needs to be done to beat them.

    I figured that here would be ideal to provide any tips you have to help those who are struggling. I'll kick off. (please note these are tips i've seen elsewhere and am putting here to try and get a comprehensive help thread)

    World Boss - Level 1
    - You need to eat all the garbage but the trucks continue to dump more
    - Note that you can jump on top of the garbage trucks
    - Each gate has a switch on it (big hint!)

    World Boss - Level 2
    - You need to put out all the fires
    - Use the 'Grow' special ability as much as possible (you can move faster and eat bigger items earlier)
    - Rinse and repeat

    Unfortunately, that's as far as I've got, hopefully more advanced players will now share there insight into the rest of the boss levels (or add more for these two if they feel the need).
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    World Boss 3:
    Goal: Save the seals.
    -Avoid rocks at ALL COSTS.
    -Use zero G to travel to far planets AND stop rocks from coming.
    -Some seals need to be saved before others.

    World Boss 4:
    Goal: Run and dodge the beach crowd!
    -Stay near the middle or right of the screen. (Preferably middle)
    -Watch out for beach balls!
    -Jumping through 2 falling beach balls MAY help.

    World Boss 5:
    Goal: Stop the Dynamite Trucks
    -Go for the fire at the right and left side of the screen.
    -Use geyser to jump over the incoming trucks.
    -When on fire, roll over to the dynamite to make it go boom!
    -Go under ground, and make a geyser in left and right areas.
    -Hint: There are switches here too!
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    Jun 27, 2010
    Great game-but having a meltdown over boss 3. I have read tips. Can't fnish.
    How do you stop the rocks? I've been up to the top but can't make anything happen.
    Having a genuine sleep-deprived breakdown. Post help.

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