Kevin Calderone
The world has been overrun by civilization. With the expansion of mankind, the amount of preserved ecosystems is dwindli…
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The world has been overrun by civilization. With the expansion of mankind, the amount of preserved ecosystems is dwindling. It's up to the gomies to make the world beautiful again! Winner of the Best Adventure Game of 2009 Award - Bestappever.com ====================================== Stuck on a boss? Check out the Boss FAQ on our website for hints! ====================================== From the team that brought you Trace comes a brand new adventure, Gomi! ====================================== "4.5 Stars - Creative Genius" - 148apps.com "4/4 - Our hats are off to Bovinedragon for combining stellar sound, gameplay and graphics into an engaging and entertaining adventure." - slidetoplay.com "The dedication put in by the developers can be seen pouring out of every little detail within this game" - Razorianfly.com ====================================== - 8 unique worlds, with 140+ stages! - 8 minigames! - 12 hours of gameplay! - Intense boss battles! - 8 unique abilities! - Hundreds of achievements! - Hundreds of playable Gomies! - Over one hour of original music! ====================================== TONS OF GAMEPLAY More worlds and more stages than Trace, and every one lasts minutes instead of seconds. ADDICTING MINIGAMES Eight addicting minigames that are about the quality of your average cheap iPhone game, if not more. 12 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY One playthrough of the game provides 12 hours of gameplay, not including playing any minigames or getting any achievements! CHALLENGING BOSS BATTLES 8 boss stages; one for each world. As with the rest of the game, these are not your standard 'jump on it 3 times to kill it' platforming game standards. UNIQUE ABILITIES Completing each boss stage unlocks a new ability to use throughout the game, including super size, flick dash, and super jump. GREAT REPLAYABILITY Every stage has multiple achievements, from setting high scores to getting the fastest time. The minigames all have many achievements as well. PERSONALIZE YOUR GOMI Hundreds of playable Gomies! Highlights include - Ninja Star, Sun, Butterfly, Poo, and many more! ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Like the music? Search 'Taylor Calderone' on Bandcamp.
Seller:Kevin Calderone
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Aug 19, 2009
Updated:Dec 26, 2016
Size:78.5 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal