GOF2 to GOF2 HD transfer ships and progress HELP!!!

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  1. Hello All,
    First time posting here - bear with me # LoL!!
    My hubby - REAL husband not old Mkkt Bkkt LoL #- inadvertently purchased the SD version of GOF2 for his iPhone 4S back in March and has logged a lot of hours of play, gotten the ship of his personal preference (Mantis I believe!) and completed Valkyrie.. Wasn't until Supernova update was announced last week that he realised he had the non HD version while I, who funnily enough only followed his lead in purchasing the game a few days later DID!! I was able to download the version I have into his iPhone before we take Supernova ## but he isn't happy with the ships he is able to afford after all the hard work he put in getting the equipment of his choice on his other non HD version.. I know from reading posts here and at Fishlabs own forums that transfer of a save game is possible..BUT is it possible for him to transfer his ships eqpmt and achievements from the older SD to the new HD on the SAME device? Its the iPhone 4S.. And if so how do I do this for him?? I am currently thinking it should be poss as his Valkyrie add on is intact on the new game without having to purchase again.. Unfortunately we never did buy Kaamo Club as surely same would have happened as with Valkyrie and he could have simply put his ship in a hangar and it would have been here waiting on HD when he started playing! (Could be wrong about this; simply speculating after seeing that Valkyrie appeared without re purchasing!!) We didn't want to HAVE to unlock Kaamo by buying it as after Valkyrie storyline ended we still wanted a goal to aim for; ie buskat and credit hunting for everyone's fave Daylight Robber Mkkt Bkkt!! But if buying Kaamo WILL work in same way Valkyrie did then will do it - REALLY don't want forced into Supernova story so under powered and ill equipped ##
    So, can this transfer be done at all? And can anyone talk me through it in simple terms?? We don't have any other Apple devices to transfer back and forth from; just an iPhone 4S each.. HELP PLEASE!! Thanks so much in advance, Gillian xx aka MkktBkktsWeeWife###
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    Just sign up to OpenFeint (if you haven't done so already) save your game to OpenFeint on the SD version then load it from OpenFeint on the HD version. That's what I did on the same device, and all my game progress was exactly the same as before.

    I've also moved the game from the iPhone to the iPad this way and everything worked out fine.
  3. Thanks..How bout the one pesky achievement we just havent had yet??

    Thanks Candykiller!! You are an angel to come to the aid of a damsel in distress so quickly ##
    I don't have OpenFeint yet - will certainly follow your lead and do so! WARNING: Wee Scots Lass good at the actual games, not so much at the technical stuff involved in such modern fangled computing!## LoL I'm that rare breed of technophile and technophobe combined ## so will let you know how I get on incase I need further instruction!!
    Many thanks again pal, Gillian xx
    PS. I'd actually better get a move on with this! Husband has completed the original story plus Valkyrie and is busily building Khador drives and Liberators as we speak - soon be able to afford his ship and eqpmt all over again # hmphhh after us going to all this trouble for him too..!!! Though he does have a bit to go to get up to his previous gold medal all round status.. All achievements were done except one.. Champion I believe?? The last one that comes up.. Anyone know how u achieve this?? As WOULD love the option of a VoidX ship later on lol!!
    Keep u all posted!!
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    Hi Gillian, great to hear you and your husband enjoy GOF2 that much! If you haven't set up an Open Feint account yet, here's a short tutorial that should helo you out a little: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEoT5cHnjX4. Also, if your husband's already got all the other gold medals, he should have been awarded the Champion medal by now. Maybe he forgot one?

    Also, I'd really recommend you to buy the Kaamo Club via IAP purchase than to unlock it for 30 million credits. In Supernova, you'll be able to spend credits like crazy for new ships, weapons, power-ups, modifactions, etc. So instead of spending 30 million credits (which would add up to more than 50 US-$ if you'd buy 'em as credit packs) for the Kaamo Club, I'd rather obtain it via IAP for 1,99 US-$ and spend the credits on new vessels and other cool stuff. ;)
  5. Hi Gillian, great to hear you and your husband enjoy GOF2 that much!

    Thanks Tobi@Fishlabs!
    Pleased to report I set his Openfeint up just have to wait for him to stop playing it long enough (he is fighting Alice already) for me to give him back his beloved Mantis!! Oh, and you were indeed correct re: his achievements.. Totally missed Personal Need - still jet-black amongst a sea of gold - D'OH## feeling foolish LoL!!
    Aw Tobi how could we NOT enjoy playing GOF2??!! You all at Fishlabs have done an AMAZING job creating a game that balances quality graphics, ease of control, compelling storyline and attention to detail perfectly..GREAT JOB!## And what is really interesting, to me at least!, is how he and I can both achieve success for old Captain Maxwell while using totally different strategies! I, for example, notice the smallest minutia and will speculate to accumulate credits by buying commodities in one sector and selling them on at a station where they are more valuable; my husband on the other hand tends to go for the rarer big jobs with immediate large payouts.. And neither of us are wrong!
    He is EXTREMELY jealous at the moment as without the SD problem I am presently engrossed in Supernova!!### Without spoiling anything for those still to purchase the add on may I just say well done Fishlabs! I am enjoying it IMMENSELY and am really impressed at how you have worked in all the things/characters the fans have been asking for! It is lovely to see a company who takes the time to listen the way Fishlabs have done.. A sadly too rare thing these days##.. LoL, even just the fact that yourself Tobi took the time to respond to my post! IMO your company is unrivalled when it comes to after care and support for the customer..thank you!!
    Well, I best get back to it..I have to sober up a certain scientist and his psychologist and Carla will be in a real tizzy over those curtains by now..Ooofft! Women eh? LoL!!##
    Take Care, Thanks again all!!
    #Gillian, Glasgow #

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