Gods Wars:Shadow of the Death

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  1. Release date: 06.29

    ★★★The TOP ACTION RPG with thousands of equipments that have various attributes for you to choose at will!★★★

    Player comments:
    ★“A good story ARPG game on iPhone that must be an eternal classic.”
    ★“The equipment system is just amazing!”
    ★“Bosses are really challenging, and it’s so cool to fight enemies wearing unique items and watch a whole screen of damage numbers.

    ★ Equipment System: Unique avatar real-time equipment changing system, make it possible to view your own gears any time and any where;
    ★ Combination System: With customized combination system, you can obtain equipments for every part of your body, especially the powerful unique suit which makes you invincible and unbeatable!
    ★ Strengthen System: Powerful equipments strengthening system can greatly improve the attributes of your gears. The strengthened and enchanted weapons look more impressive and offer you more interesting and exciting leveling & PK experience.
    ★ Talent Tree System: The game presents you not only the powerful equipments but also a brilliant talent tree which can make you a great skill master. However, you still have the chance to be proficient in all kinds of talents and become invincible afterwards!
    ★ Quest System: Enjoy the immersive main quests with desolate but beautiful love stories and open endings; you may get sacred artifacts after accomplishing side quests.
    ★ Fairy System: Although heroes belong with loneliness, you would not have this kind of feeling here, for the help from pretty little fairies! They can de-buff monsters and draw their attention as they are your good companies!

    Game Tips:
    ★ Tip 1: Strengthen equipments as possible as you can. The same equipment will be obviously much more powerful after being strengthened!
    ★ Tip 2: Make sure to find the hidden Bosses and chests in the maps to get ancient treasures!
    ★ Tip 3: Using your wings if you don’t want to fight the large amount of monsters in some maps. It’s pretty dazzling!

    Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_ireuKt1bg

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    Not release as stated yet?:(:(
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    Jun 21, 2011
    Has it been released yet?
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    Ouch, the engrish, it burns!

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