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    Sep 28, 2016
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    Welcome to MOZA-GODLIKE GUN​

    Hey guy,
    In this MOBA Shooter game, with the goal is supporting other players to sweep out the "Brainwashed walking" as quick as possible. Each kind of enemies have it's unique characteristics as well as skills. Your objectives is simple, KILL'EM ALL with tons of Special Weapons like minigun, flamethrower, laser cutter. All weapon can be unlocked by leveling up. Remember, use it as your own risk.
    You'll have a lot of time getting fun with your friends because this game is support for 4 player playing together in REAL TIME
    The control are very simple, just tap and hold to shoot
    [*]Realtime multiplayer combat!!!
    [*]Each type of wepaon have it own ability in diffrence situations.
    [*]6 power-up to support other player in the real time battle!
    [*]High quality pre render 3d model

    Future information will be updated very soon.
    Let us know how is your feelling about the NPC, Pig is good? :D


    zombie_01.png zombie_02.png zombie_03.png


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