God of Sun

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    Developer: 21Production
    Engine: Unity3D
    Platforms: Android
    License: Free

    “The world changed. Darkness, which lurked in the horizon infinity, has risen. And Gloom shrouded the Earth.”

    God of Sun is a gloomy 2D runner game about confrontation between light and primordial evil.
    When human madness reached its limit, the celestial flame descended upon the earth. Apocalypse, or the new birth? The choice is yours! Get to the very essence of human vices, unsheathe the fiery blades and dispense justice. It is up to you to decide on which side the bowl of balance will shift.

    - 7 acts, 7 deadly sins, 21 level;
    - The system of protective runes, collect runes and unlock new levels;
    - Grim atmosphere and unique story, go through the game and then you will know the true meaning of the warrior of light;
    - Each act tells its story about the confrontation with its own unique monsters, traps and moving mechanisms;
    - Original mechanics. "Spike mode" for movement balance and destroying foes.

    The world was on the verge of death after the invasion of the dark forces. Creatures of hell broke loose and sowed endless wars, dreadful diseases, hunger and all-consuming death. Chaos consumed our world, and when despair in the eyes accepted the inevitable, the darkness staggered. No matter how hard people tried to change history and enthrone their vices, Earth always had its own guardian angel. This force was so majestic that light pierced the darkness border and went down to the ground. Warrior of the light stood up for the Earth like indestructible wall. Only you can change the course of this war. Maybe it will be the last for this world.

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