Goblins: Dungeon Defense

Abony Interactive
Kill enemy hordes, get the best score, compete with players around the whole world and don't show mercy to anyone! Fight…
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Kill enemy hordes, get the best score, compete with players around the whole world and don't show mercy to anyone! Fight for your life and freedom in the new unique game Goblins: Dungeon Defense! The Council has chosen you for the top-secret mission - stealing of a unique source of energy - glowing crystal from the cave in Goblins Mountain. Luck is already in your hands. All crystals are gathered and packed, but then they are coming! Goblins! Hundreds and thousands of vile creatures who want only one thing - cut you to ribbons and return the stolen crystals. All escape routes are cut off, nowhere to run. You have only one chance to leave... Killem all and get out of the damn cave! NOT AS SIMPLE AS YOU THINK Killing the enemies is not just a fun but also is very interesting. Goblins: Dungeon Defense is a real old-school arcade game with RPG and TD elements which won’t be boring even for real pro players. You have to improve the abilities of your character, use magic, use skills and destroy hordes of evil goblins! CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER Each character has it’s own style. You can’t live without the destructive power of magic? Or do you prefer to hide behind a wall of strong protective mechanism? Try all proposed characters, find your favorite and get the highest scores in Goblins: Dungeon Defense! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING Enter the game and find out what else is waiting for you in this incredible, insane and dangerous adventure! Features: - Classic 2D arcade game with RPG and Tower Defence elements; - Amazing graphics; - Dynamic action like a real old-school game, for example Galaga, Space Invaders, and Galaxy; - Choose one of 3 character: archer, wizard or builder. Each of them has unique skills and characteristics; - Achievements; - Leaderbords; - A great way to spend your time and test your agility and reaction; Your adventure begins in new unique hardcore 2D arcade game Goblins: Dungeon Defense! Killem all!!! ****** Goblins: Dungeon Defense in social media: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/abonyint/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/abony_int VKontakte - https://vk.com/abony_interactive
Seller:Abony Interactive
Genre:Adventure, Arcade
Release:Feb 24, 2017
Updated:Apr 22, 2017
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