iPad Go Go Rescue is out!

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    Find the hero inside yourself with Go! Go! Rescue Squad! Join the Squad and rescue the hapless Darwins from fire-ravaged buildings. Steer them to the exits avoiding fire, exploding chemicals and collapsing buildings. Use the entire team to put out fires with extinguishers and clear escape paths for the Darwins. With 64 levels of unique, laugh out loud, game play over six different districts plus bonus games and panic rooms, Go! Go! Rescue Squad! will have you hooked for hours.

    Key Features:
    - 64 levels of fiendishly addictive gaming over six unique districts
    - Huge variety of hazards to overcome including fire, flood, collapsing buildings, volatile chemicals, crazed security robots and
    - Five different level types providing a wide variety of game play and difficulty from time sensitive panic rooms to more relaxed puzzle solving and fun bonus rooms
    - Guide the Rescue Squad using the touch screen to help them save the Darwins
    - Use multi-touch pinch to zoom in and out of levels
    - Tilt the phone to throw Darwins out of harms way


    Looks like a nice game, will wait for impressions first though.
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    Weird, thought the same thing, and in fact 2 threads have already been created to discuss Go Go Rescue Squad. Not sure what the differences are if any...



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