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    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Average_Morning_Games.game

    Go! Fall is an arcade game with retro style pixel graphics.

    Can you become the best Freefaller? You will have to dodge clouds, UFOs and missles on your way to the bottom.

    Collect over 50+ skins collect coins and earn achievements to unlock them all?
    Choose from different gamemodes such as classic, space and colour shift or stick to Arcade.

    Arcade Mode is a fun fast paced faller, you must dodge the obstacles such as the clouds, UFOS and the turrets that fire missles. Collect Powerups to help your journey to becoming the best.

    Classic mode is a more slow and steady gamemode for those that want to relax.
    In space mode you must dodge asteroids and destroy enemy ships to become the best.
    In colour mode you must stay alert as your colour will constantly shift allowing you to pass through the correct barrier.

    Can you Unlock all the achievements and skins? Can you get the highest score? and become the best free faller?
    Unlock all the different skin types such as animals, effects and different hats!

    Please leave any feedback or suggestions we would love to hear it!

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