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    Sep 9, 2010
    If you're serious about learning vocabulary, this is the only app to use.

    The easiest, funnest, fastest way to master vocabulary.

    How is GMAT Center like a great tutor?

    * It gets to know you.

    GMAT Center offers memo function which can remember the words you need to review.

    * It knows it's stuff.
    more than 3000 words. Hand-picked by GMAT tutors and each can access a detail explanation on Google or Merriam-Webster .

    * It makes learning fun and easy.
    Better UI. Smarter definitions and usage examples. Addictive quiz mode.

    * It makes sure you really learn.
    This quiz mode is serious beautiful. More than 500 quiz are offered.


    * 3000 words, chosen based on data from forty years of past GMATs.

    * Search function is enabled .

    * Fun, addictive quiz mode.

    * Study mode with definitions, google and Merriam-Webster explanations.

    * beautiful flash cards show.


    iTunes link:

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