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GLOW supports iPhone 5 & above and iPad 3 & above.

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GLOW supports iPhone 5 & above and iPad 3 & above.

Follow the path of the pure hearted and get to banish the forces of darkness via the wonderful Single player Hack n Slash Free Action RPG Game Guardian Light of The World (GLOW) – The Commandments, the first in upcoming series of Glow with first ever 3rd Person camera angles!

Key Features:

- Play role of Guardian in Epic Single Player Campaign to save The Commandments from an evil army with more than 10 hours of Play time!
- First Hack n Slash Free Action RPG Game with 3rd person Camera angles!
- Most Unique Map Style with over 18 open world like maps!
- Beautifully Rendered Fully 3D Graphics!
- Wide range of Weapons and Armors to outfit Guardian!
- Fight & slay hundreds of types of enemies, including the unbeatable Bosses!
- First of its kind live camera angle change during Action RPG Game Play give you unique 3D feel! Long Press Joystick and gently lean your thumb towards left or right to change the angle of Camera.
- Find and unlock hidden Treasures, messages & Items!
- Glow is also first game ever to provide educative approach to The Commandments and their importance in our lives.
- Sign-up for prayer board and pray for those in need and look who is praying for what, in world prayer board.
- Sign-up for yearly subscription to get daily Bible Verse!
- Last but not least, you can play this Game OFFLINE! Downloading size is what it is shown on store, NO downloading from servers! (Only in case of in-apps, to see game center progress or share with friends, you need Internet)

GLOW Hack and Slash Action RPG game is based primarily on the Ephesians 6:10-20 and the Commandments where you don the role of the Guardian who is prepared to go with the truth at any cost. You are free to follow your own instincts as you traverse through the open map. It is time for you to cross swords with the evil Boss lurking around. The battle is going to be of biblical proportions, however. So, think of ways to defeat the boss in a grandiose gameplay or meet with the sin minions who keep coming at you. It is time for you to strike at the very heart of the sin army and win the round once and for all.

Fret not, God will indeed smile at you and shower you with gifts willingly. Be sure to earn each one on the way though as you proceed in your game. The prizes are not easy picks at all! You have to unlock the Goods at every round in order to get at the armors and spiritual swords. There are treasures galore and you will simply have to pick them up one by one as the Guardian overpowers the evil.

Glow – The Commandments is developed by Morpheous, small indie team and published by The Sanet Group, known for its charity activities.

Please Note:

- GLOW is completely free, but you can choose to pay real money for some items, which will charge your account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

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Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Sep 17, 2015
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