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    Hello, touch arcade
    My name is Juan Manosalvas, programmer and co-founder of Global Pixel Studios, an indie game developer company located in Chile.
I'm very happy to announce that "Wild Heroes" and "Wild Heroes HD", our first title, on which we've been working on for almost 18 months now, is going to be launched in a few days!
    It's a tower defense game for iOS, with a very special look and feel, a original soundtrack (recorded with real instruments!), and with the special feature of having interactive touch powers for a more active gameplay.
    We were in charge of the game design and programming, while Bufon Studio, a Chilean videogames and animation studio, developed the art and graphics And I've attached some screenshots for you to see!

    I'll drop the link to our website below, you can find more of the art and making of in there, and if you want, send us your opinion about the game. All feedback is really welcomed and very important to us.
    We hope you like it and we'd love to hear back from you!

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