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Which style of High Score table would you prefer?

  1. Unique Person Scores (1 person, 1 score)

  2. Multiple Person Scores (1 person, many scores)

  3. Other - Please explain

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  1. gottaa

    gottaa Active Member

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    Hi All,

    I'm close to finishing off my Global High Score system for Splitz, and come up against a choice:

    a) Unique Person Scores - Each unique person/device ID has one entry in the high score table of there highest score
    b) Multiple Person Score - Each games score would be written to the High Score table, allowing something akin to an old Arcade game where the top 10 could all be one person

    Which style do you the gamers thinks works best for a high score chasing type game ?

    I have voted myself with which I would prefer, but I will be going with the majority.
  2. JoshC.

    JoshC. Well-Known Member

    Mar 7, 2009
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    I chose unique because if one person rules the high score list, it may be intimidating for someone to try and top it. So unique would show the best player in the world, then the second best, and so one. Multiple may only show the best in the world if he/she has all of those scores. So clicking on high scores would give you the best player in the world (with multiple) rather than the top 10 (with unique).
    Does that make sense?
  3. gottaa

    gottaa Active Member

    That makes perfect sense, and I hadn't throught about the highscore being intimidating if it was just full of one person's name. Well I'll be making my final decision on Sunday so people have until them to vote, at the end of the day it'll only be a small change to the PHP whichever side wins :)

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