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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by theishkid, Jan 3, 2009.

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    I just updated GL Golf today. A Game that is not graphically impressive but very in depth, addictive, and fun. I paid $8 for the full version about a month ago after playing the light version for a couple of weeks and becoming addicted.

    Anyway... in the update as some of you might notice it mentions a new deluxe version of the game is coming. No word on pricing of this new version but this ticks me off. I paid for the full version of the game. Sure they just updated the "standard" version of the game to have 6 courses, but the upcoming deluxe has 22 courses. I just don't feel like this is right. I thought I was getting the "deluxe" version when I paid for the premium version of the game. I thought they would keep adding more and more courses on to the game. Now I'm fine if someone wants to come out with a part 2 to a game, but I'm not fine with buying the premium version of a game for it to become the cheaper version. Not that I know what they are planning on charging or changing their prices to... but I can't imagine them trying to charge $20 for this new "deluxe" version, especially when tiger woods is coming out so soon for the estimated $10. So who's gonna want to buy this standard version for only one or two dollars less than this new version when you get over 3x as much.

    I don't know... maybe I'm just rambling and nobody cares. But I just don't see how developers get away with stuff like this. I finally see how a lot of others feel when things like this happen on the app store.
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    Depending on the sales... the developer may be looking at how to finance the work they are putting towards the title. Look at toybot diaries 1.. 2.... and now 3... Not much of a difference here. Except its going from GL Golf to Golf Deluxe.

    The look and feel of the 1st game didn't compel me to buy. I understand your pain.. But also understand the pain of the developer. Its a fine line everyone walks.

    Just my .02

  3. theishkid

    theishkid Well-Known Member

    I totally understand how the developer probably feels, but I just feel like his idea could have been handled better. For example put the first 11 courses as a part one and the second 11 courses as a part two or something. That would be a better way for them to make money. It's just disappointing to me because I would have bought the "deluxe" version to begin with... in fact I thought I did... But apparently not.
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    how many hours of fun have you had with this game so far? if you break down the cost of the game into fun hours it might help ease the pain

    apps are already way lower on this platform than others - the by-product of low prices is that developers are tending to break up the games into separate releases

    I thinks it's unrealistic to expect a Dev to update an app to add a whopping 16 golf courses at no extra charge

    why not just enjoy the new courses added to the standard app and see how long they last you?

    then when you tot up the value you got from the orig' app - you'll have a good guide to whether you want the next version
  5. theishkid

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    It doesn't really matter what the cost of these games are compared to the cost of other platforms. This is supply and demand. It's not my fault that a top quality game only cost $10 bucks. And I agree... I got a lot of use out of the game.
    My problem is that I need to just wait and see what's going to happen. Because the scenario in my head is saying that this new deluxe version is going to be either 8 - 10 bucks (like all other games) pushing my standard version way down in price. Does that sound like idiot thinking? I mean that's just my assumption given that who would buy a 6 course game for 8 dollars when you can get the 22 course game for 10? So I'm just thinking that obviously my "standard" version is going to have to drop way down in price for those people that just want a little taste of the game and don't want to pay full price. The problem is that I wanted the deluxe version. That's what I thought I paid for two months ago... I thought it was going to continue to be updated with new courses (and to the developers credit there are two new courses in this update), but I thought it was an ongoing project... That's how it seemed on the developers website.
    I've said it before... I just feel like it could have been handled better. Maybe put the first half of the courses in the first game and then put out another game (as a part 2 or something) with the second half of courses. Then in 4 or 5 months when there is another pack of courses he could make some more money and put out another course pack, I don't know...

    Look I'm reading these forums all the time and see people whining and complaining about stuff like this happening on the app store... And I think exactly the way the two replies have thought... Until now, because now I finally know what those people are talking about. Like when they buy a game for 5 bucks and then it ends up going free or something. Or what the dude did with x-plane, there were a lot of complaints since people thought he was going to keep updating his product but instead figured out a way he could make more money. But at least x plane did it in a way that was decent. It was like 5 dollar add on packs... that would be fine with me. But don't take my premium game and turn it into the cheap version so the new super deluxe version can take over.
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    I completely understand theishkid point.

    I'm sure the game developer does not have much options and charge more, one way or another, will always cause bad reactions.

    But that's the main difference between a big studio, where money is not the main problem, and a small one, where things should be done step by step.

    Tiger Woods would be probably a complete game from the beginning, but it requires a lot of money to be made. A few can afford such production.

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