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    Ginger Roll is out now on the Google Play Store. Let me know what you think!

    Ginger Roll is an arcade platform game featuring the ginger pint-sized hero Saif. He has been trapped by the evil child genius Iblis in a Zorb ball. Roll and dodge your way through the various challenges and levels that Iblis has set for you and stop him from world domination.

    - Tilt your phone to control the direction of Saif inside his ball. Make sure you don’t fall off the edge of the level or its game over!
    - With awesome power ups turn your zorb ball from a normal one into a basketball or even bowling ball! Each power up comes with its own special ability!
    - Collect cookies to unlock new power ups, costumes and characters like the Michael Jackson outfit or Karate outfit.
    - Fight and defeat Iblis and his minions.


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