Universal GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective (by CAPCOM)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Echoseven, Feb 1, 2012.

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    And here I thought this was a suckish release Wednesday...
    This is all I need.
  2. Nudgenudge

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    Sure thing!
    The relation to Wright is the author, Shu Takumi: he's behind both those series.
    Expect the same kind of dialogue and general character goofiness, with softer moments.

    The story in a nutshell, without too much spoiling:
    - you're dead at the beginning of the game, killed by someone.
    - BUT YOU'E A GHOST! (thank God, otherwise, it would have been short). You can move from object to object (if they're near), move through phone lines, and "activate" objects (open an umbrella, roll a tire, etc).
    - you can also rewind time 4 minutes before a death, and use those objects to save the people involved. In short, every level is a puzzle (move there, activate this, now I can reach this, etc). New gameplay is coming very nicely at each level, and in the end, you have a lot of options to do stuff.
    - you spend a whole night (you disappear by morning) trying to uncover who killed you, and how (since you lost your memory. Hey, being dead does that to you).

    It's remarkable for a few things: solid story, a very "if you don't do this thing precisely, it fails" gameplay (again, very Ace Attorney), and beautifully done graphics: the animations are just splendid.

    If you love Phoenix Wright, you'll love Sissel. :D
  3. NLjaan

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    Jan 31, 2011
    ^Explained it much better.
  4. Sanuku

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    Wait for the HD Gameplay Trailer ;)
  5. KiddToKmart

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    Feb 10, 2011
    Will probably avoid the video in this case to keep the overall charm of the game a complete surprise when I buy it :)

    And thanks for the great explanation Nudge, much appreciated.
  6. Nudgenudge

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    Feb 10, 2011
    No problem!

    Here's the Japanese iOS trailer (to check the animation): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zx5-oG2Bb0
  7. squarezero

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    One thing that should be added: several major gaming websites (including GameTrailers, I believe) chose Ghost Trick as handheld game of the year. That includes everything that came out for the DS, 3DS, and PSP last year.

    I doubt that my cri-de-cour on the upcoming Phoenix Wright thread last week had any effect, but what a nice coincidence!
  8. Nudgenudge

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    Feb 10, 2011
    Yeah, forgot that, but I didn't want to appear too "THIS GAME IS SO GOOD BUY IT NOW HGNNNNN". :)

    And yes, that's a coincidence. Or maybe a "trial run" to prepare/have sales numbers for the release of Ace Attorney 123?

    edit: oh, and after watching the video: yeah, the music is great too. :D
  9. able_to_think

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    This was me when I heard about this this morning.

    My only problem with Ghost Trick was that it was on the DS. Not because I don't like the platform but because the screen didn't do the game's stunning art justice. I played the demo for the japanese version when it came out over there and can say beyond a doubt that on iPhone it's done great justice.
  10. Leegames

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    This! :):D wohooo.
  11. LOLavi

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    for free, damn :eek:
  12. Bad Hanson

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    Played this on DSi and liked it...GOTW for sure.
  13. ChrisL

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    Dec 12, 2009
    Awesome thanks! :D Definitely gonna pick this up :)
  14. putermcgee

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    Jun 4, 2010
    man, this was my wife's first game app when she got the 4S. sadly, it has only been out on the japanese app store. and yeah, it was free for the first couple of chapters, and then like 600-800 yen (about $10) for the rest. she played the crap out of it, and said it was easily worth it. granted, she's not accustomed to the common $0-3 games, so she wasn't quick to whine about the price.

    i spent quite a while trying to figure out ways to get it on my phone (japanese phone, but US app store account), and i'm psyched that it's finally coming out in english!
  15. relsircspotcat

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    :) Wow, gonna buy all the chapters. One of my favorite games on the DS. Very nice story and presentation.
  16. Joey87

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    This is an awesome game on NDS, storyline is amazing, puzzle is amazing. However, it's pretty straightforward, and barely with any replayability after you finish the game.

    Nevertheless, if you haven't play this game yet, you MUST buy it. Like what other says, this is one of the few games that keep me throughout the game without a moment feeling bored (Not many games can do that because i have an amazingly short attention span :p). I also forgot to mentioned that the story is something REALLY out of the ordinary, I was dying for a sequel but sadly there is none :(
  17. squarezero

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    Just spent about 30 minute with the free portion (NZ account strikes again!). The port is freaking gorgeous. The controls are sharp, graphics look great for being upscaled (better than Shatae, and like Shatae the character portraits are retina), the animation wonderfully detailed, and the translation is flawless. The free portion is meaty enough to give you a good sense of the gameplay, so this should be an easy decision for folks.

    As to the gameplay itself, it's hard to describe. I guess you could call it a puzzle/adventure game hybrid, with a game mechanic that is at once complex, deep, and easy to grasp. The story grabs you in the way a good film noir does (in fact, one of the inspirations here is Sunset Blvd!), and the characters are both well drawn and easy to like.

    So yeah, I'm digging it ;).
  18. Drexiel

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    guess i'll need to buy a new itunes card today xD
  19. chris1215

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Absolutely everyone should play this game. Unlike anything I've ever played before. Just finished the DS version last week but I'll be double dipping anyways

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