Universal Ghost Room COMING SOON to iOS [Online playable demo available]

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    Nov 11, 2014
    The Indies VS PewDiePie game making challenge has finally come to a close. We, at Avert Studios are pleased to present everyone with our submission for the jam! We are estimating iOS release within the week.

    There is a full playable version up on GameJolt, simply copy this link: http://jams.gamejolt.io/indiesvspewdiepie/games/ghost-room/38701

    The game is an arcade style action game, in which you have been selected to participate in a spooky game show! Of course, you probably underwent the selection process while unconcious and were possibly abducted from the safe, loving embrace of your warm bed. Oh, the tragedy!

    The game show takes place in a dark, spooky room, with creepy doors with eyes that watch you everywhere you run! And if that wasn't bad enough! They open to let spiders, ghosts, zombies, and NIGHTMARES come through the door to watch you wet your pants and run around like a crazy person!


    It's safe to say you won't like being in the Ghost Room very much - because it's cold and dark! Oh, and the monsters, you won't like the monsters very much! Don't let that get you spooked, cause you get to drop the coolest, bombiest, bombs and watch the spiders, zombies and ghosts explode into nothingness.

    I would never have lasted long enough to blow stuff up; spiders, ghosts and zombies give me the heebee jeebees! Are you made of the necessary courage goop required to run around in circles, screaming in fear, for longer than a second? Or will you laeve wet trails of coward, bladder fluid all over the Ghost Room floor?!

    And let us not forget about the announcer! I mean, who even owns a room for ghosts? Let alone spiders and zombies! No one likes spiders and zombies, not even the most mean, evil people! Especially spiders. You would have to be a crazy insane level of crazy insane to like spiders!

    If the scary room of ghosts, zombies and spiders wasn't enough, then cringe in fear at the announcements! OH NO NOT THE ANNOUNCEMENTS. They are really evil. And loud. And life threatening! No, seriously, they threaten your life!

    Worry not, I have heard tell that if you explode enough ghosts and zombies and spiders you get to meet the announcer! Oh wait, that's not good - I mean, you get to go to another room! A nice room, with flowers and rainbows that smells like cakes and dreams! Where doors let in ponies and friendship and hugs! Oh, and unicorns! That explode confetti - everyone likes confetti!


    We will be releasing this game on Android and iOS, so keep up to date on our facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/GhostRoomGame

    And of course, if you like Ghost Room don't forget to vote! Your vote is the most important thing, so show us some love! http://jams.gamejolt.io/indiesvspewdiepie/games/ghost-room/38701
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    You join for indies vs pewdiepie? Awesome.

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