Ghost In The Mirror

Stefano Mazzotta
Ghost In The Mirror: Episode 1 - Here Be Dragons Do you believe in ghosts? Are you ready to be scared?! ... Well, then …
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Ghost In The Mirror: Episode 1 - Here Be Dragons Do you believe in ghosts? Are you ready to be scared?! ... Well, then I think you've got the wrong game. Seriously, I started off with the darkest intentions, wanting to create a horror game, but the urge to laugh took over. Sure, it's an adventurous game with mysterious elements... However, with constant fourth-wall breaks, irony, jokes, and vulgarity, you tend to forget about ghosts! Let me introduce myself, I'm Sui! I'm Italian, and I'm a solo indie developer. I've dedicated myself so much to this project that I've ended up inside it in flesh and pixels. Sitting behind my desk, I will narrate the events and guide you by the hand through this journey... ...A journey that will keep you glued to the screen from the first to the last episode. Yes, you heard right, EPISODES! Ghost In The Mirror is an anthology of graphic adventures. A series of ghost stories characterized by a lot of storytelling, puzzles, and wild humor. A collection of modern adventure games that still capture the spirit of the '90s games. This is "Here Be Dragons", the first episode of the saga. In this adventure I'll take you to the 18th century, and together we'll experience the adventures of Roger, a morally dubious boy on the run from the law. A journey that starts in a fishing village, with light puzzles and comedic moments, but will take us adrift at sea, surrounded by mystery, ghosts, and... ...Well, I don't like to reveal too much about the plot, so that's enough! But I can tell you what characterizes this and all the other episodes of Ghost In The Mirror: You'll guide characters from different eras through a 2D world with an unprecedented depth. You'll explore evocative pixel-art scenarios and handcrafted animations, immersing yourself in gripping stories, all connected by the eerie thread that unites the worlds of the living and the dead. You'll solve intricate puzzles and meta-puzzles like in a classic point-and-click game. You'll visit places rich in interactive elements and talk to the quirky characters that populate them. You'll collect items necessary to progress in the game, which, if used creatively, might reveal the programmer's sheer foolishness. Your choices will determine the outcome of the adventures, offering a personalized and replayable gaming experience. Prepare to be carried away by an original and thrilling soundtrack that will plunge you into the game's atmosphere. Unlock your potential through a series of exciting achievements, revealing your skill and dedication. Get Ghost In The Mirror and let yourself be captivated by an epic adventure! Specters, spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, ectoplasms... Throughout history, we've come up with many names for them, and countless people swear they've seen one. Do you believe in ghosts? Here's what we'll do: you'll answer me directly in the game. Have fun, and happy nightmares! Play comfortably using touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, or controller, tailoring the gaming experience to your personal preferences Please note that this game contains only the first episode, "Here Be Dragons", of "Ghost in the Mirror" saga. The other episodes are sold separately.
Seller:Stefano Mazzotta
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Mar 01, 2024
Updated:Mar 11, 2024
Size:68.8 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal