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Time Limited Sale!! Don't miss it out! ______________________________________ GermCraft has reached #5 Paid App in K…
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Time Limited Sale!! Don't miss it out! ______________________________________ GermCraft has reached #5 Paid App in Korea, #1 Paid RolePlaying Game in China, #2 Paid RolePlaying Game in Taiwan, #3 Paid RolePlaying Game in HongKong, #3 Paid RolePlaying Game in Macau, #2 Paid RolePlaying Game in Jordan. Thank you for your love and support. _______________________________________ ### BEST REVIEWS ### It's really good ★★★★★ by Celantro07(US) I really love this game. I play it almost everyday. It has lots of neat bonus "germs" and each game is really different. Thanks for such a great game. Omg!! ★★★★★ by J huax(HK) My girlfriend really likes it. I love this app ★★★★★ by Chuckymon(US) It's so fun, cute and cool. This app must be a featured game. Bejewel** with amoebas? ★★★★★ by Lord Gek(US) Each level you complete will either unlock a new type of specialty piece or give the player and extra hint ( a quick flash of an available move) but it doesn't appear set as I recall accessing some specials much earlier in one game than another. There is also a Blitz Mode which plays a bit like this game's version of PopCap's Bejewel** Blitz Where you have to score as many points as possible in a minute. I think I prefer this to Bejewel** Blitz as this game has a much wider variety of hazards and power-ups so as to make each play feel pretty unique ( and my score in this mode is legitimate... I got lucky with an insane 11+ Combo!). _______________________________________ [STORY] Dr. Mad.... He suffers from a terrible curse. When the moon is full, all the man in the MAD family transform into a dog....He is no exception. He has devoted his life to research the MAD family curse and has found a germ called MOMO that he believes will end the curse. He is now experimenting MOMO with other germs to find the cure. _______________________________________ [How to play] - Swap germs to make sets of 3 or more. - Match 4 or more germs to create a special germ. - You can use the special germ whenever you want. - Destroy as many germs as you can within the time limit to move on to the next level. Visit us at
Genre:Board, Puzzle, Role Playing
Release:Oct 26, 2010
Updated:Nov 25, 2012
Size:15.1 MB
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