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    Store Description:

    My son loves shooting bubble guns, that was why I originally designed the RealTrigger, which led to the creation of this game.

    GermBuster is a virtual reality game you play with Google Cardboard and RealTrigger, the first hand tracking controller available on the market, for FREE! DIY or buy it from:

    In GermBuster, "You" the player, are transported into an exciting new virtual world that you must clean-up by killing pesky germs. You are equipped with a state of the art virtual bubble gun and control the gun with you own hand!

    Germs are spawned in waves and must be destroyed by shooting them with bubbles from the bubble gun. Avoid being slimed by germs and keep an eye on your high score!

    You don't need Oculus Rift / Touch, HTC Vive, SixSense, or Playstation's Project Morpheus to enjoy interactive and immersive virtual reality. All you need is a piece of cardboard!

    If you don’t have a Cardboard or RealTrigger, you can still try if with Option >> VR Mode Off. And if you like it, build or buy a Cardboard + RealTrigger to have the full immersive experience.

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