GEEZAKA: Duels of Dragons

Gennadiy Chernetsov
Exciting and dangerous duels of GEEZAKA dragons! Watch your opponent's moves and choose which forces to use in which ro…
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Exciting and dangerous duels of GEEZAKA dragons! Watch your opponent's moves and choose which forces to use in which round to outwit the enemy and take everything from him! Mix cool dragons with unique powers to create a killer set of super forces and outplay any opponent. You need great reflexes to use the dragon's forces at full power! COOL GEEZAKA DRAGONS WITH EPIC SUPERFORCES - Demon FIREZAKA from the firelands! - Space CYBORG with an intergalactic laser! - King AQUAZAKA from the bottom of the ocean! - Snow dragon SNOWZAKA with sharp combat saws! - The undead zombie ZOMBAKA :) And many more epic dragons from the GEEZAKA universe are waiting for you! EXCITING BATTLES Fast and reckless duels - either you outwit your opponent and take his coins, or he will beat you. The adrenaline rush, and only a few seconds separate from the victory ... Try it, it's very exciting! Fight real players from all over the world online. USE THE REACTION TO THE MAXIMUM !!! Stretch all your instincts to use your dragon's super forces to their fullest. You have all a couple of moments to launch the force and not miss, because there are huge stakes at stake! Ready to test yourself and win a bet? MIX GEEZAKA DRAGONS AND CREATE THE INVINCIBLE! Mix and upgrade dragons to create an invincible and overwhelmingly powerful! One hand with a snow saw, the other with an ice blaster or a golden ax, and the body from a Vampire? It will be very powerful! COMBINE SUPER FORCES AND CREATE A KILLER KIT Collect the perfect weapon from a variety of superforces! You can collect all attack forces or add defense forces to them to reduce the enemy's attack and even take it below zero. Many powers to choose from: - Hellfire to incinerate your opponent and win the round! - Air missile strike from the Fighting Supersonic Dragon ROCKETZAKA! - Stone Fists of CRUSHER! - The African antidote to all attacks and even combat gas Novichok! And many more powerful and unique super forces of the GEEZAKA dragons. Open them all and unleash a devastating blow on any opponent! TACTICS, STRATEGY AND TRICKY! Choose a battle strategy for your GEEZAKA dragon. You must win two out of three rounds! Decide what combinations of forces to use in which round and what to bet on: attack or defense, or maybe all at once? The main thing is to have time to use the forces with maximum power and do not leave the enemy a chance! Try different tactics, for example: - Half the forces in the first round, and leave the rest for the second - One force in the first round so that the opponent has the main forces in the first, and you were in all weapons in the second and third rounds Invent your tactics, each battle is unique! BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS Hand-drawn colorful GEEZAKA dragons and superforces along with beautiful effects will not leave you indifferent and you will definitely love them! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW AND SHOW WHAT YOU CAN DO! Epic dragons, risky clash, legendary duels, super upgrades, evil monsters, angry robots, big stakes, luck, tactics, strategy, brainstorming, quick decisions, a new esports hero, dragons among us and within you, all this awaits you in the game ... in the world of GEEZAKA dragons! BECOME A LEGEND OF THE WORLD GEEZAKA DRAGONS !!!
Seller:Gennadiy Chernetsov
Genre:Action, Arcade, Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Apr 27, 2020
Updated:Apr 20, 2021
Size:180.0 MB
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