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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by rdmd, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Hey guys, going to buy 10 dollars worth of Itunes card and interested in games that are constantly adding new content. For 5 dollars of the 10, I will buy junk jack x, had the first one,loved it and have been eyeing this one for a while, want to support the developers and know that they constantly update the game. Basically looking to spend the remaining 5 bucks on a game that constantly updates like JJX but genre doesn't have to be the same.Any suggestions?
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    I love crossword puzzles, and while Crux (my crossword app of choice) only gets occasional updates, there is a constant flood of new puzzles iN the app. Including lots of freebies.

    Subway Surfers gets monthly new characters/content like clockwork. Game play occasionally changes too.

    However, a simple game with little content that gets a little more every few weeks is not always a better deal than a big, well-crafted game that had all that value in it from the start, without making you wait.

    I have nothing against either method, but don't limit yourself from some great titles! Maybe judge "long play time" instead--with content updates being only ONE way to achieve that. (Good procedural generation, or massive built-in content, being other ways.)

    (P.S. I thought this thread was going to complain about frequent updates that have no clear purpose... but that seems to happen less these days. There used to be a couple TD games--I forget which--that were major offenders! "Bug fix" like clockwork every week for years...)
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    Badland has received tons of updates. So does Phoenix HD and Zen Pinball which receive either new ships or new tables.

    Then for online games, Hearthstone always gets updates be it in card changes new cards, card backs, etc.
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    Sep 28, 2011
    Why just games with constant updates?
  5. jaysraptors_to

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    Apr 27, 2014
    Minecraft Pocket Edition, Survivalcraft are two games I know will recieve updates.

    Survivalcraft has a very dedicated solo developer that goes by the name kaalus. MCPE has a team of devs who have said that they will make constant small updates and a huge fanbase that they surely won't disappoint.

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