Games that truly use the 3rd/4th gen iOS hardware?

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    It's always nice to see games that fully utilize your hardware. Old gen device users certainly have seen their devices pushed to the limit.

    For example, from the Phoenix description:

    I wish more games would take full advantage of the newer gens. Sure, we do have some now, but not that many. And yes, many games offer retina support now, but retina alone doesn't reflect the improved processing and graphical capabilities of the newer gens.

    Having said that, what games have you found that TRULY show what the new gen hardware can do?

    I'm thinking of Epic Citadel (not really a game though), the Cave SHMUPS (in terms of throwing massive amounts of spirtes around), and to some degree RAGE HD (altho even Carmack admitted it's not what it could've been in order to maintain old gen compatibility).

    Any that I'm missing?
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