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    Oct 21, 2008
    Int his type of game, your goal is to clear off a portion of the screen in order to advance to the next level, but if you hit an enemy or obstacle, you lose a life. Game ends when you have no more lives :)

    There are a few of these in the app store and I have tried almost all of them :) Here are my comments. If I have missed any games of this type, let me know!

    Expando: This is my favourite right now. You hold your finger down on the screen to make ever-growing happy faces. You have to try and avoid getting hit by red balls. When 65% of the screen is full of happy faces, you advance. You can tilt your device and the smiley faces will roll around. This is sometimes helpful in trapping balls so they don't distract you (or hit you, obviously) while you work on an area of the screen. Also, in each level, you have a ball quota and the game will end if you run out of balls even if you still have lives left. This added an interesting wrinkle to the game as if you play in 'harder' mode you will start with fewer balls. One of my big complaints about another game in this category was that the early levels got too easy on replay, so this was a great feature to mix things up. Free version plays five levels if you want to try it out first.

    Fire Tail: This is the most like the classic Jezz Ball I remember from my PC days, but I was very disappointed with it. They've chosen to give you the biggest play area, but the trade-off is you can't see it all at once on your screen. It makes the game almost unplayable because enemies are still floating around in parts of the screen you can't see at the moment! So you can 'lose' the game because something off-screen got you. That doesn't seem fair. I tried this game a few times and then gave up. I regret getting it.

    Zone Ball: In this variation, you can draw straight lines up or down only, across the length or width of the play area (no weaving in and out as you can in classic Jezz Ball or Fire Tail). This took some getting used to. My strategy has been to make up or down lines to section off parts of the screen and that way I can make smaller lines without having to worry so much about getting zapped by an enemy ball. This is a nicely done and pretty fun game, but it starts you back at level 1 every time you play, and the early levels are tediously easy. This game would benefit from modes like Expando has where you can choose to play it as easy, medium or hard. I don't regret buying this game per se, as I have gotten use out of it, but it is an easy one to outgrow and I don't know that I would wholeheartedly endorse it.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    There's also Virus by Manta Research.
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    Oct 21, 2008
    I tried that one and every time I opened it, it kept trying to log me into a server. I didn't like that, so I deleted it :) I just noticed a new one called iXonix but I am not sure it is different enough from what I have already.
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    i like iXonix but I don't know maybe that's just me
    and i don't have jezzball or anything so...
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    Jul 17, 2008

    ....forgive me for stating the obvious, but have you tried ijezzball? It's the classic jezzball game similar to the Windows 95 version. As an avowed jezzball fan, I downloaded it the day it became available in the App Store, months ago...
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    Just wanted to throw in our Jezzball genre game into this thread for consideration for you 'search' users in the future... :) Jezster has a classic Jezzball mode along with an adventure mode with powerups, obstacles, and boss levels.

    Jezster on AppStore

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    the best jeezball game for the iphone is Dr Awesome. The price, and the execution of using your contacts as the patients is fantastic. it's still a MUST buy
  8. jchampl

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    oh and there is burnball, but not as good as dr awesome

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