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    honestly, how do you feel about gameloft now ?
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    Well, I'm actually glad to see that they are mixing things up again. For a while there it seemed they were going to go the completely freemium route. With NOVA 3, they showed that wasn't the case.

    And Asphalt 7: Heat was ridiculously underpriced IAPS and all. No need for IAPs and a $.99 price tag with an unbelievable amount of content.

    They've made some pretty crappy decisions with game pricing and experimentation. And, of course, they'll always be slammed for their "cloning" of games, but recent releases are showing some signs of improvement on both fronts.

    I still think their games are very bloated and occassionally plagued with tons of bugs. It's amazing to me to see how good looking a game by a developer like Madfinger can be and take up so little space. And then there's Gameloft thinking that it's okay to continually crack the 1 GB+ game size. Not everyone has 64GB devices.

    All-in-all, it's a case by case basis for me. Some games are crap. Some are actually pretty good.
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    Gameloft is obviously not going freemium only. Nova 3, TASM, Asphalt 7 and TDKR. Looking good :)
  4. My opinions of the major companies like Gameloft and EA is much improved. Gameloft was disappointing in the past due to their path for a while to freemium, but with Asphalt 7 and Nova 3, they have redeemed themselves. EA too I like now with all their 99 cent sales of their hd ipad versions.

    Now I got some great games for cheap, and they are really well made. I love Asphalt 7, hope they comeout with a new starfront collision, and if they could make some good shmups or dual stick shooters.

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