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    Aug 3, 2015
    GAMEin30 is a new mobile gaming app where you can play an instant game for 30 seconds against your friends. In the GAMEin30 app (which is offered for free)you can text your game invite, and connect through the games keyboard, which you need to activate in your settings. This way you have easy access to connect with your friends and contacts on your phone and on any messaging app. Now, in addition to texting and sending emoji, you can send games to your friends and family.GAMEin30 adds a new way to play games in an instant mode for no more than 30 seconds. GAMEin30 keeps a profile on how many games you have won and loss. This adds to the competition among your friends to see who has the best record, and which friend you won or lost lately. GAMEin30 newest version contains 18 fun filled games including Piano Titles, Simple Math, Delicious 2048 and Flag Trivia. The variety of games that GAMEin30 offers helps to attract many different types of gamers and game developers who now can offer the "trial" version of their game. So find the game that best suits you, and gives you the advantage against your challenger.

    For more information contact us at www.gamein30.com
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