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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Mr. Grizzly, Sep 23, 2012.

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    May 20, 2011
    If anyone plays a wide variety of games - or at least has a major fondness for endless runners or platformers of any kind - and would be interested in challenging one another to get achievements or high scores, etc., feel free to add me in Gamecenter. My user name is Mr. Grizzly II (don't know who is the first Mr. Grizzly, but that name was already taken by the time I got on the ipod gaming scene). But please let me know you are from Toucharcade and/or are interested in challenging one another. I get so many requests, if one is in a foreign language or by someone I don't know and doesn't really have any friends in common, I normally decline.

    I love this new feature of ios 6 - and if you are an achievement nut, or have ocd and playing just one more game, going a little further, getting one more hidden item, one more specialized kill, etc. appeals to you, please add me.

    If someone reads this who may already be on my list of Gamecenter friends and you don't want any challenges from me, just text me back (you may have to create a challenge first - but then you can include a message with it). Alternately, you can also decline a challenge in Gamecenter if you are not interested in that specific game or challenge.

    I challenge you to challenge me! ;)

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