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    Apr 12, 2015
    Maze 3 Ball is a balance challenge game by tilt-to-play control.
    Maze 3 Ball gives you 5 mazes with 5 difficulties, and 10 different balls to play.
    When you start to play anyone of those maze, there are 3 balls on 3 various position in maze. Your mission is control 3 balls go to green-flare in shortest time.
    The hard part is, you have to control all 3 balls at the same time, everytime you tilt screen, all 3 balls move toward your tilt direction. But it is not the hardest part. The hardest is in the maze, there are several red-flares, they are traps. The ball can move through red-flare, but can not stays on them more than 2 seconds, if anyball does more than 2 seconds, it's game over. This make anymaze in Maze 3 Ball becomes a Big Big Big challenge. If you like challenge, You must have a look for Maze 3 Ball, I'm make sure that you will love this game.
    Maze 3 Ball has Google Play Leaderboard for each maze, where you can challenge players around the world and take the TOP 1. Maze 3 Ball also has Google Play Achievements to reward you when Win.
    Maze 3 Ball has great replay value.

    Google Play: search with keyword "Maze 3 Ball" and this game will be stand on Top 10. Published by Khoi Hoang
    Because my post is not enough, so i can not post Google Play link. Sorry about that.

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