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    I have noticed a few games on sale and a paid game gone free: so far nihilumbra is free for a limited time , mazes of karradash is on sale for 99 cents (normally 2. 99) and badland is on sale for 1.99 app shopper didn't show these I caught them myself in browsing the App Store. Any one else seen any other games on sale or paid going free that have flown under the radar? EDIT: ninja slash runner normally 2.99 has gone free. Out There is on sale for 1.99
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    AppShopper is terrific, but it has missed stuff. It take a while for some games to get put into the db when I could already buy it on the AppStore. It was slow in updates, so a game that wasn't on sale anymore was still indicated as such in AppShopper.

    The past few years, I've done very little activity with app purchases, so I can't really comment how things are nowadays.

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