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    Dec 1, 2014

    I am looking to form a partnership with a like minded, experienced game programmer who is looking to do big things in the world of mobile gaming. As the game programmer, I would need you to devote at least 10+ hours a week to our projects.

    You can use any game engine that you feel most comfortable with:
    Corona SDK
    Unreal Engine

    Our projects would be relatively simple. I am looking to make similar games to this company: (, and make deals with them to publish our games. In essence, I am looking to get a publisher on board to publish our games as the App Store is insanely crowded. However, if you are not into this idea, I would be open to have the discussion about the self publishing route.

    The game industry, especially mobile, is a lot like the music industry where it takes one big hit to make money. If you can’t get that hit game, you pretty much starve. So, having said that, my goal is to pop out as many games as I can and as fast as I can whilst maintaining quality. I would like to aim to complete one game per month.

    This is a field that I am deeply passionate about. I have two completed games, one on the App Store, and one about to ship. My first game was featured by Apple and downloaded 25,000+ times. So, if you partner with me now, I would obviously be willing to split the equity of my soon to be shipped game.

    Failure is not an option for me, and if you join my team we will succeed. I am looking to live a life of freedom. I can’t see myself doing the 9-5 for much longer. So, if you think the same way as I do, let’s make some amazing games!

    If you are interested in working with me, let’s set up a meeting as soon as possible and get to know each other. I will show you my work, and you can show me your work.

    Thanks in advance
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    Good luck!

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