[Game] Gymcatna, makes your own gymkhanas!

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    Mar 20, 2015
    ¿Gymkhana? NO! Gymcatna!


    Play many mini games and enjoy the challenges of Gymcatna!
    Intellectual and physical challenges! Make the most of your Android device with GPS functions, geolocation, accelerometer and share it with multiple players on the same mobile phone!

    Do sport and fitness exercises with the mini games Map, Compass and QR, or dive into logic puzzles and challenges like Trivial questions, the Ball of Wool and Treasure Chest.

    Program and set up your own gymkhana with different difficulty levels, game modes and test mode. And if you are able to go throw it share it with your friends to let them know who is the king of the Gymcatnas!

    And last but not least ... Smart kittens! Kitty Cats! Robot cats! QR Cats! All types of cats to become a real stray cat!


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