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    May 30, 2021
    The thrilling game Space Shadow Run has now been released for Android!

    You're a blob of matter, and now you have to run, escaping from the shadow that devours everything in its path that comes at your heels. Test your reflexes by dodging dark walls. Swipe or tap the screen to get around obstacles, collect coins and buy power-ups, unlock new characters and see how far you can run!


    ★ Over 50 different colors of your character
    ★ Over 15 different shapes of matter
    ★ More than 50 challenges
    ★ Random location generation


    Google Play: Screenshot_2021-11-09-01-42-20-303_com_MiniLightGames_SpaceShadowRun.jpg Screenshot_2021-11-09-01-43-12-118_com_MiniLightGames_SpaceShadowRun.jpg Screenshot_2021-11-09-01-46-25-905_com_MiniLightGames_SpaceShadowRun.jpg Screenshot_2021-11-09-01-44-38-581_com_MiniLightGames_SpaceShadowRun.jpg Screenshot_2021-11-09-01-43-02-277_com_MiniLightGames_SpaceShadowRun.jpg Screenshot_2021-11-09-01-44-29-313_com_MiniLightGames_SpaceShadowRun.jpg Screenshot_2021-11-09-01-49-27-222_com_MiniLightGames_SpaceShadowRun.jpg Screenshot_2021-11-09-01-48-50-354_com_MiniLightGames_SpaceShadowRun.jpg

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