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    Hexagons: drag and merge numbers is a new match-3 hexa numbers puzzle. Just place the bottom number to a number on the board to be added or subtracted to match 3 or more same adjacent numbers, then they will be merged into the next higher number.

    Google Play Store: Hexagons: Drag and Merge Numbers
    Apple App Store: Hexagons: Drag and Merge Numbers


    It is a relaxing and brain training hexa numbers math game.

    You can place the number on the grid by 2 ways:
    - Drag and drop it.
    - Touch directly a number on the grid.

    You have only 9 cards at any time. Every match gives you 1 new card. The value of each card is selected randomly from the list [+1, +2, +3, -1, -2, -3].

    You will get bonus points when you match 3 or more different groups of numbers at the same time.

    Simple rules:
    - Every match gives 1 star & 1 new card.
    - It costs 100 stars to remove a number from the grid using the Remove button.
    - The game is over when you run out of cards and stars.
    - It is your responsibility to save your progress to resume it later by hitting the Save button.

    Every new level: minimum and maximum generated numbers are increased by 1.

    Play, enjoy and have fun !

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