Android [Game][Free] Hexagons: Connect and Merge Numbers

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    Hexagons: connect and merge numbers is a match-3 hexa numbers game. Just connect 3 or more same numbers then they will be merged into the next higher number. It is a relaxing and brain training hexa numbers puzzle.

    Google Play Store: Hexagons: Connect and Merge Numbers
    Apple App Store: Hexagons: Connect and Merge Numbers


    You can connect hexa numbers in any direction. The longer the series of the connected numbers, the bigger the score you can get. You can undo selection by going back to the previous connected numbers.

    Simple rules:
    - Every connection gives 1 star.
    - It costs 100 stars to remove a number from the grid using the Remove button.
    - The game is over when you run out of tries and stars.
    - It is your responsibility to save your progress to resume it later by hitting the Save button.

    Every new level: minimum and maximum generated numbers are increased by 1. So try to match all the minimum numbers before the next level because they will not be generated again.

    Play, enjoy and have fun !

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