[Game][Free] Flappy Dunk Ball: Circle Ball Hoop Color Match

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    Hello Guys,
    I have released my first game on Google Play Store named Flappy Dunk Ball.
    It is a casual game in which you have to tap the screen to make the ball jump and pass the ball with the hoops of same color the color of the ball changes after every dunk you have to take the ball to the hoop of same color.It is a highly addictive game has 5 star rating on play store and is in top 5 and top 10 of every keyword listing related to the game.It has great music in the background.

    Standout features
    Featuring vertical flappy hooks with different colors, this flappy hook game requires players to go through the flappy rings of the same color while the bouncing flappy ball is changing its color constantly. The thing that makes this game super-challenging is the position of the color matching ball rings and the flappy ball that varies. Follow where the flappy ball and circles are taking you to showcase your reflexes, precision and concentration. You will lose the game if you miss the correct ring toss and fail to go through the flappy circles. Expertise the perfect ball bounce and tap fast in order to achieve the highest scores and experience the thrilling flappy hoop dunks. The ultimate goal of the player is to tap jump and bounce with the ball as long as he can. The game will easy in the beginning of the game but as the player gets further it will become more and more challenging. Put your skills on the test to see how long you will last.
    Download GooglePlay




    Download GooglePlay
    Any feedback will be helpful.
    Please do try this game.

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