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    Feb 5, 2015
    Chicken Dash!! The infinite 2D platform runner you won't stop playing!

    Run and jump in an endless colorful world taking along the way all the powerUps you can find to achieve more and more points every time you play. Stay in the ground or risk going above the clouds for more valuable power-ups, but be careful! Not everything you find in the way will give you points, some will take them away and others will end the current run.


    The game is very easy to play. The chicken moves forwards all the time and the player has to tap the screen or swipe up to jump in order to avoid traps and to go from one platform to the other, or swipe down to quickly drop. Tapping again the screen while being in the air will make the chicken swing the wings faster and jump one more time.

    Available to download for Android devices.

    Chicken Dash!! Free to download!

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