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    May 25, 2015
    In BLOCKEM, the character endlessly runs, because monsters is following like crazy. Faster that them would be nice but sadly enough he is too slow! That’s why you have to do something more than running to stop the monsters.


    Luckily, you are holding something in his hand. Every character is different(there are too many!). Tomato, egg, watermelon, mango, water balloon.. even beer. What should you do? Throw it! Before you get your butt kicked, throw that which is in your hand to block them. Touch the screen, to that place the character will throw. Of course, monsters will be coming closer and closer so you have to calculate it’s speed, right?


    There are plenty things(tomatoes and eggs and stuff like that) to throw but it is limited. Though bullets will be charged continuously it won’t be enough to stop them all. That’s it? Of course not. You have item man on your side. Item man shows up regularly on the sidewalk, and by hitting him, you will have a chance to use some effective item: extra bullets for you to throw, huge ball to roll across the road, automatic rapid fire to rain bullets on enemies. If you use items wisely, there will be no need to wait for bullets to be charged.


    Yeah, BLOCKEM is fast-paced chasing game, but you are the ‘chasee’ not the ‘chaser’! It is simple but thrilling shooting, defense game. At first, you may be admiring cute voxel character jumping but it won’t be long. More and more monsters will be coming after. Beware, some of them will be smaller, faster. If you are being careless, even for a short moment, a monster will sneak behind you and will definitely kick your butt into the air, making you watch your cute character fly.

    To be honest, character in the air is quite cute to watch. Some even get caught just to watch that. And snap! You’ll have a funny cute picture to share to your friends or post on facebook.


    For sure share picture is not all. You surely will want to brag your score, right? That’s why BLOCKEM connects to Google+ for you to post. If you want to share your score or see how others did, feel free to use Google+ leaderboard. BLOCKEM is simple but exhilarating lively game. Cute characters are ready. Even challenging mission for special characters are all part of one package. It’s free, moreover you don’t have to force-watch some annoying ad to play again. If you like light cheerful game or a fan of voxel graphic, don’t hesitate and just try it out. It is currently on Google Play and getting ready for iOS(for those who are impatiently waiting!).


    download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pingpongfactory.blockem

    youtube : https://youtu.be/AhI41GguyN4

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