[GAME] Escape Lala 2 - Retro Point and Click Adventure

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    Escape Lala 2 - Retro Point and Click Adventure

    Our beloved princess is missing… What happened? Discover the world of Escape Lala 2, solve mysteries, uncover secrets and bring back peace and order to the world.

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    Hey guys!
    After a long year of development we are happy to finally release the second part of our Retro Point and Click Adventure games series, Escape Lala 2 :)

    It is full of charming handcrafted pixel-art graphics and musics, and it contains puzzles with magical twists that take inspiration from classic point-and-click adventure games.

    We'd really appreciate if you could leave reviews, it means a lot to us ❤
    Please tell us what you think of the game!

    Google Play:

    Escape Lala 2 is available on App Store, Google Play and Steam:

    And now the first Escape Lala is available for free!

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