[Game Dev] Hotel Transylvania 2: An Adventure Builder Game

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by OffGridGamer, Sep 16, 2015.

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    Sep 16, 2015
    Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to share a Game I'm working on. Please let me know your initial thoughts.

    Official Website: www.hotelt2game.com
    Official Teaser: https://youtu.be/JjaJSJqdXu0

    This September! Build your magnificent Hotel in the monster land of Transylvania! Reliance Games, a leading publisher and designer of mobile games like the Real Steel Franchise, in association with Sony Pictures Animation is excited to announce the launch of Hotel Transylvania 2: The Game, a new Builder which will hit the App Store with monster fun and adventure quests. All the fan favorite monsters including the charismatic Dracula, curious Mavis, exciting Mummy, funny Frank, crazy Zombies and more feature in this amazing game.

    Embark on an fangtastic journey by building and customizing your spooky village around Dracula’s castle. Invite all monsters and humans to Conjure Sandstorms, Eat Scream Cheese, Do the Vamp Dance and Be the life of the Party in the Official Game of the movie Hotel Transylvania 2.

    Hotel Transylvania 2: The Game begins with Dracula’s wish to invite humans for the first time in 100s of years to his castle. Get Drac to build an exciting city with The Pyramid Crypt, Hell’s Kitchen, Skate Park, Tennis court, The Graveyard and more fascinating buildings. Each building unveils a unique character. And on the monsters and humans are unlocked an amazing story unfolds. The adventure gets batty as you take on fun-filled fascinating quests.

    Rich and colorful landscape for players to explore, Decorations for your unique monsterland to look magnificent, exclusive Items to make exciting recipes and a Terror Wheel which gives awesome Rewards makes the game wonderful to play. Each quest is fresh, fun, exciting and contributes to the happiness of the hotel.

    Get ready to Build your spooky Hotel Transylvania and Rock the Monster Party this September!

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