[GAME DETAILS] GAMEVIL'S Kingdom Royale is coming soon to Google Play and AppStore!

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    Kingdom Royale is coming soon to the AppStore!

    Ally with your friends to rule! ...or conquer them.

    There can only be ONE king.

  2. Hmmm... so you need friends to win? I'm also wondering if you have to be online to play this.
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    Oct 7, 2010
    To Gamevil, I like your games, and I play most your games. But I need to say sth.

    I don't reject FREE app with IAP inside. But I really hate to see some "MUST IAP" (Eg: Epic Raiders, many equipments and characters can ONLY be unlocked by IAP.) It's not cool anymore. I'd rather pay bucks to purchase your game than buying IAP to enjoy the game later. It feels totally different. Please understand IAP is only a sort of desert instead of staple.

    Another thing is PVP. I understand that each player must be log in and checked whether cheat or not before playing against others. But we can't guarantee we can play with network anytime or anywhere. Why can't you let us play PVE outline, and PVP online? If so, you can still ban those cheaters.

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