iPhone Game Center 4.2 launch and Doodle Monster coming to ipad!

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    Maybe you've played the old doodle monster for ipod?
    Yeah, we know, it was a total piece of crap.

    However it recently got a full overhaul and game center.
    Pretty much a new game and has been well received.

    The iPad debut is almost here and will be Game Center Ready for the 4.2 launch!
    It may come out just a little before 4.2 but it will still be ready.
    The game center options will just automatically show up after you update your iPad.

    Here are some screens from the iphone retina view.

    The game combines the the endless gameplay of a "running game" but adds smaller elements from a more platformer style game rather than just jumping on huge chunks of land. You also collect stuff for points and achievements.
    Overall the response for the new version has been pretty good on iphone.





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